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bmobile and Bravo help children of Kistow Home

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
bmobile Brand Ambassador Dwayne Bravo shares a memorable moment with children at the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home.

bmobile culminated its 2017 Book Buddies Programme by collaborating with international cricket icon Dwayne Bravo, to distribute textbooks and other school supplies to 25 children at the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home in Arima.

Book bags, textbooks, construction paper and notebooks were included in this special package courtesy bmobile and Bravo’s charity initiative 47.

Altogether, 15 primary and ten secondary school children were beneficiaries of the progressive, educational initiative.

Margaret Kistow, who has been running the institution for over three decades, applauded the timely intervention of both entities and breathed a sigh of relief.

“We feel so blessed to receive these school supplies. The children now have their tools to work with. Financially, it’s difficult for us. And even though education is one major need, it is expensive. We’re very grateful to Mr Bravo and bmobile,” said Kistow.

This is the third consecutive year that Bravo has lent support to this operation. Previously he assisted bmobile and the Book Buddies Programme in making donations to the Bridge of Hope and St Dominic’s Children’s Home as well as the National Blind and visually impaired Cricket Team.

Talking to the 36 children present during the visit, Bravo said: “It doesn’t matter where you come from and where your journey begins. But it’s important to know that there are people out there who care for you, love you and want you to excel. Believe in yourself, use these books to get a proper education -you never know where life can take you.”

Since 2015, the decorated cricketer has been using his charity event—47 (a fundraising party)—to source funds in assistance of the Book Buddies Programme, among other causes.

TSTT’s Vice President of Marketing, Camille Campbell, expressed satisfaction with the overall success of this year’s Book Buddies Programme, and commended the efforts of all involved.