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Raymond Ramcharitar

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
​Wendy Nanan is one of our more interesting artists—reclusive, unorthodox and quirky.
Wednesday, April 6, 2016
​From the comments, much of last week’s column was lost on many readers. Someone wrote asking who Bill W was.
Wednesday, March 30, 2016
​So Donald Trump, successful real estate developer and reality TV star, loudmouth, bald-faced liar, self-promoter and anti-immigrant crusader, is the darling of the disempowered Republican white, work
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
​Apropos of the discussion of the previous few weeks, of how and why people behave the way they do in a/our social system, Prof Richard Drayton’s distinguished lecture, “Whose constitution?
Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Amidst the hand-wringing about the secondary school system, and the culture of violence that seems to engulf the country as the economy tanks, an interesting response came from Earl Lovelace in the Ex
Wednesday, March 9, 2016
​So, from last week, children and adults can easily be turned into monsters, as Orwell’s 1984 and Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment demonstrated. But does the reverse hold true?
Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Much ink has been spilled by various commentators on the violence that’s irrupted anew in recent weeks in schools and prisons (which distinction is apparently nominal), but none gets close to identify
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
​Just when you think the Carnival done, Pow! sex slips in.
Wednesday, February 17, 2016
​Is it weird that we share a first name, and when I see headlines like “No love for Raymond,” I feel kinda glum? Can’t help feeling sorry for him, though.
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
We haven’t spoken in a while and the last few times we’ve met, you’ve spent much time berating me for my Carnival articles.